I’ve spent most of my life battling weight in one way or another – as a teen I was encouraged to put some weight on and then as a young adult I began to struggle with all of the messages about losing weight and being thin.  Hopping from diet to diet, I didn’t realise that whatever weight I am now is the perfect weight for me until a few years ago, when I saw Embrace and through that was lucky enough to find Nutriri and befriend the awesome force behind it, Helen James.    

There is so much out there about body love, body acceptance and body positivity.  I found many of the sources I investigated lacked the how-to that I felt I needed to help me along my way.  Turns out the answers were within me all that time.  For me it ended up being about self-discovery and continuing growth and improvement – spiritually, emotionally and physically.  I’ve done a huge amount of work on myself through my work with Desire Map and with Nutriri and I believe that the two combine well and give me a lived experience that can help others.      

I love that Nutriri provides a compassionate how to if you will – meeting people where they are NOW and helping them to see that the road to body and food ease lies in them. No scales, no shaming, only compassion, kindness and encouragement.  Nutriri has brought the joy of food back to me – both preparing and eating it have become more mindful experiences –  and Nutriri has reminded me to move more for the love of myself and my body and the sheer joy of it.   I have lots of friends who still diet and attend slimming clubs.  I’d love to show them what Nutriri does and be able to help them counteract the messages that make them diet in the first place – helping people reclaim their own power. 

On a personal note, Nutriri works in such a collaborative, understanding and supportive way with each and every contributor that I have been utterly bowled over by Helen’s work ethic and her all-inclusive approach.   Everyone involved in the co-creation group for Nutriri is a valued and cherished contributor who brings their own experience, skills and understanding to what is being built. We are all working/studying and juggling home life while we do this and this is understood and accepted wholeheartedly (even encouraged when it all gets too much!). This approach makes it incredibly easy to stay involved and contributing even with a work/family/home life.  I was going to say I am excited to be part of this co-creation with everyone, but I should be more honest and say it’s an honour and a privilege to work with everyone at Nutriri and to be getting to know so many like minds and inspirational people.  I am hopeful for a future where I’ll be facilitating groups, creating meaningful connections both online and in person and continuing to grow Nutriri to reach as many people as diet clubs do!