About Desire Map – FAQs

Desire Map – what is it?

Desire Map is a best -selling book Danielle LaPorte.  The expansive Danielle LaPorte website explains it best:  “Desire Mapping is a heart-centered approach to creating our lives. We can’t control all of our circumstances, but we get to choose how we feel about everything––it’s the ultimate self-agency. When we combine our freewill with our Core Desired Feelings, we become deeply intentional creators. And from that depth there’s greater clarity, love, joy, and service to others… your heart is where it’s at. The Desire Map takes you there.”

So what do you do? 

As a licensed Desire Map facilitator I take you through the Desire Map process – a series of exercises and internal inquiries that take you to the core of what you really want in your life and identifying your core desired feelings (level one) and then (level two) how to instill these core desired feelings in your aims and intentions for your life.   Think of me as your guide and mentor!


I came through the Desire Map Process myself when I started to reclaim my own life back from the myriad obligations and joys of adulthood.  Discovering Danielle LaPorte was like a warm white bright light being switched on and illuminating everything I needed to work on!  Gently.  Like a really close friend guiding you to the things you need to see.   It helps me greatly every day since I discovered it and I want to be able to share that in the best way I can – hence my decision to become a facilitator.  I believe the work ties in really well with what I’m hoping to do in working with Nutriri also – Nutriri is about compassionate support to find food and body ease and I see Desire Map as compassionate and loving support in finding soul and heart joy .  Both guide you to harness your own innate knowledge and power.  

So how does this happen?

Currently I’m facilitating one to one sessions with clients at home, in person, online or over the phone.  Just call me to discuss what you want to get out of it and we will work from there.    Thus far, Level 1 Desire Map coaching takes 6 weeks of 1.5 hour long sessions.   I can of course, tailor this to suit your time limits, condense it or split it up further – it is entirely about making this work for  YOU.  

Is it hard work?

Yes and no!  I found Desire Mapping the first time was probably the most difficult as it’s such an eye-opener – a good reason to have a guide to keep you on track.  I found there were more magic moments for me than anything else, but there were observations and patterns that made me a little sad too – these were things I needed to let go or change up so it was all constructive.  When I began Desire Mapping my list of things I needed to change was long.  When I Desire Map now it highlights all the good in my life – things that we take for granted or don’t think about too often.  It’s really opened me up to celebrating everything I have.   And the “what needs to change” list now is barely a list in comparison to that first one!  

What is all this about planners?

Oh my daily joy and a diary with a difference!  The Desire Map Planner is simply the best planner I’ve ever come across.  I get mine every year – the daily planner – and start my day with my core desired feelings!  It’s full of prompts to get you grounded into those daily CDFs and help you plan your days with those feelings in your heart and mind.    Tiny details make this such a well thought out product – there are core desired feelings on each page corner for each day that can be torn off.  I keep mine in a jar and take them all out come mapping time every year or just for inspiration on a slow day!  There are beautiful statements on the bottom of each page, monthly reviews for you to consider, an excellent back pocket.  It’s just packed full of practical, soulful, lovely features and I use them all!  It’s all presented in a beautifully plush ring bound journal that takes quite a beating annually from me and never seems to wear badly! 

What started as my annual splurge item  is now is my annual necessity.    In 2019 I was lucky to be able to ship these in bulk to supply to Desire Mappers in the UK and Europe.  I am delighted to be able to do this again in 2020 for the 2021 planners for Europe and of course, home turf of Ireland. Orders are placed in early Autumn in time for Christmas gifting and I’ve created a list for pre-order notifications – just let me know and I will pop your name on that list and give you a reminder come Autumn.