A few years ago I discovered the work and teachings of Danielle LaPorte. It made so much that had never made sense to me before seem so clear. It helped me shift the focus in my life to one of stuck in a rut and overwhelmed to being really present, mindful and thoughtful in my life.   It taught me to embrace and observe feelings in a way that gave me a base line of resilient understanding and openness through some of the biggest trials I’ve experienced in my life so far.   So, I became a facilitator for her Desire Map program and began to work one to one with people who wanted to discover how they wanted to feel in their lives and to use that as the central point of how they live.  

So what is Desire Map?  It’s a book and a program taught at workshops and in one to one work with facilitators, which brings you through a series of introspections, exercises and journaling prompts to arrive at your Core Desired Feelings.  Think of giving top priority in your day to day life to those Core Desired Feeling states and what they bring to your life.   You then work out your goals for the year if you so wish, or as I prefer to call them  intentions or wishes,  once you have identified how you want to feel.    It’s a turn around from traditional goal setting that puts your desired feelings at the top of your new year to do list (or indeed your mid/quarter list!).   I work one to one with you at a pace and time that suits us both to guide you through the process and support you in identifying and working with your core desired feelings.  


Over the last while, Danielle has opened up a Heart Centered Membership program which is open once a month for new members to join.  This is a beautiful sacred container for all things Heart Centered with a monthly theme and all the practices you need to investigate, embrace and integrate the perspective on that theme each month.  It’s incredibly open, loving, supportive and best of all expansive.   It’s one thing I won’t be without (I’ve tried once or twice and really missed it!) and I would definitely recommend those curious to know more to go check it out. Here’s my Heart Centered Affiliate Link.

This year, Desire Map content is being retired and I’m lucky enough to be a facilitator making the change to Heart Centered training at the moment.  It is sacred, diverse, virtuous, inclusive and oh so beautifully rich and vast in it’s teaching and wisdom and I really can’t wait to do this work and bring heart centered facilitation and living to the world.   

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I regularly team up with my dear friend and fellow facilitator Melanie Clark Pullen from Strut and Bellow to talk about all things Heart Centered and have a chat. She’s a sister I just found since becoming a facilitator and we have the most epic discussions, giggles, rants and heart felt outpourings. So much so, we’ve made a podcast to share with you about it all. Head over to Croí to check it out.

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