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“I’m at a point in my life where a lot of big changes are coming my way. Up to now, I’ve been striving toward a set end goal; get my degree, get a job, set myself up for the next stage of my life. With all this done I started looking to the future. I was looking for a framework for making big decisions a bit clearer. I was chatting with Alison about Desire Mapping and she offered me the book.

Reading the Desire Map book was eye opening. I consumed it in a day. By the time I was done, it was chock full of page markers and Post-It’s.

Doing Desire Mapping really helped me focus on how I would approach these decisions, and allowed me to take control of how I wanted to feel.

Working with Alison was a delight. There was never a week went by where there weren’t some giggles, some truths faced, some “oh wow!” moments. Alison’s passion and love for the program flowed into every session, and in turn empowered me with passion and drive to really delve into every task or worksheet offered to me. Alison created a safe, loving and warm space where I could really explore how I wanted to feel.

The programme was clearly laid out to me from the beginning, and each week really built the framework I had been searching for. Figuring out my Core Desired Feelings has been a joy, and using them in everyday life has put me at the steering wheel of my life.

I found myself centered, using my Core Desired Feelings to guide me and suddenly very in tune with myself. Desire Map opened my eyes to how it was to put my feelings first, to dive down deep into my heart and unwrap my truest wants. The practice has become the axis on which my world runs. None of this would have been possible without Alison guiding me along this path, and I will be forever grateful for her help and support!

Laura, 09/07/2020


“A single parent for years – the youngest left home nearly two years ago – I was excited to embark on the next stage.  There were crafts to make, books to write, just generally more freedom.  Boom!  In the past two years I’ve suffered a lot of loss, including my much-loved mum.  Hopping from one “crisis” to another, I was floundering.  I had previously done Desire Map Free & Clear workshop with Alison.  It gave me a focus. 

Last week I did the Desire Map Intro Session and workbook that Alison has put together.  It solidified for me all the mixed up emotions and turmoil I have been through.  I have learned that I have to trust my instincts, concentrate on my own well-being, know my bliss, and do what makes me happy.  This workshop is enlightening.  You have to internalise, you have to take a long hard look at yourself, which is a very beautiful thing.  I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.  I have begun my journey of self-care. ”

Jane, 12/08/19
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“From the very beginning Alison was clear about what the programme would entail, and what would happen during my first session. I stepped in with an open mind, though unsure about what I might gain from it. I felt incredibly welcome, heard and relaxed throughout. Alison is so passionate about what she does and this was so clear in the way she guided me through my first session with ease.

In the days that followed my first session, I have reminded myself daily about the small tasks set by Alison. These daily tasks have reminded me to make space for myself which in turn has allowed for more mindful decisions about how my day will take shape.

Thank you Alison for holding that space for me, you are an amazing facilitator, I can’t wait to see what’s to come next! ”

Sian, 06/08/19
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