Desire Map Planner

2021 Planners

I’m delighted to do this again this year, looking after the Irish and European orders AND to be working with fellow facilitator Melanie Clark Pullen In Northern Ireland, who will be covering orders for the Northern Ireland and the UK.

If you are in the EU or Ireland, please fill in the form below and I will send you an invoice. Once a deposit is received, your order will be secured. When the planners arrive I will contact you again to let you know and to request the balance due so that I can post your planner to you.

If you are based in the UK/Northern Ireland, please head over to Mel’s site, Strut and Bellow. Or email her at

For those wishing to order directly from Danielle LaPorte, here’s my affiliate link

Less self-judgment… more JOY. A few years ago, I made a simple change in how I planned my schedule… and that small adjustment created radical JOY. I began feeling less self-judgement, and more deep satisfaction with my life. It all started by asking myself this question: “How do I want to feel today?” How do you want to feel… when you wake up? In your relationship? At the office? When you start your day with this question—and learn to follow your desires—you might be surprised at the magic that starts appearing in your life. This is the power of your desire in action. This is Desire Mapping.

It wasn’t easy at first. Many of us are taught that our desires are taboo or selfish. I need regular reminders to keep my heart at the center of all my choices. And Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner is how I stayed true. This is a Planner that serves your wholeness: your to-do list, and your heart. It asks questions we rarely ask ourselves. It encourages us to focus first on what matters most: our Core Desired Feelings.

And with that kind of clarity, big goals and daily must-do’s get a major energy boost. Because… how you plan your day is how you live your life.If you’re longing to live more mindfully—HEARTfully—then I encourage you to check out the collection before they sell out! There are Planner styles for everyone!

Now my luxury item every year is my planner because it costs so much to get it shipped across the Atlantic to Ireland – so much so, it doubles as my Christmas gift from my kiddos. In 2019 I was as a Desire Map Facilitator to be able to bulk buy and bring these to Europe. If you’d like to order through me, just check out the collection, let me know your choice as soon as possible and contact me here with what you’d like.

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