I met Melanie through the Desire Map Facilitator Program a few years ago. We have beautiful, long, rambling, there’s-so-much-to-talk-about conversations about our work, lives, loves and challenges and it all comes back to one thing – living from the heart. As we move from facilitating Desire Map to facilitating Heart Centered, we embark on our own hearty adventure of launching this Podcast. Croí is the Irish word for Heart and our podcast really couldn’t have been called anything else. Put the kettle on, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and join us for a chat.


Episode one

Welcome! This is our first podcast episode!

We introduce ourselves and all things Desire Map!  How we each came to desire map, becoming facilitators, selling planners and our first chats together which have grown into what feels like a lifelong friendship.  We talk about learning to sit with all of the feelings and discovering your core desired feelings, as well as upcoming workshops, one to one offerings and how much we both love this work.

I love working with Melanie and this collaboration has been a joy to work on. Thanks Melanie for your knowledge and expertise in podcast creation! You are ledgebag.

So you can listen here:

On Anchor

Or on Spotify: /5GATWYwHaASjQnO1Ykc03N?si=V2iNEil4S595OSjN08FWg