As You Are

I came to Nutriri through my involvement with Embrace and The Body Image Movement and I’ve been lurking and supporting where possible for the last few years.   What started as a journey into body positivity, turned into an adventure into body and personal acceptance.  Nutriri really represents that adventure for me and the comingContinue reading “As You Are”

I am…

The sooner we start sharing our stories honestly and accept not just others, but ourselves, where we are and how we are now without judgment, the sooner we can pave a compassionate path away from fat phobia and forward to inclusivity and connection.

Nutriri/Voom (08/05/18)

When I came across Helen James and Nutriri I was really excited at the prospect of body positive, supportive, self care groups to help people wanting to embrace positive change in their lives.  Helen’s no-nonsense approach, honesty and open attitude in setting up and running social enterprise Nutriri is innovative, refreshing and exciting.  Her aimContinue reading “Nutriri/Voom (08/05/18)”

The Road to Here (19/12/17)

I’ve recently had to piece together my journey to this point for someone  in relation to my body positive adventure.   It was a really interesting look into my past that I found really hard at points, and really eye opening in others.  It also made me realise how totally epic this year has been (althoughContinue reading “The Road to Here (19/12/17)”

How a Body Hater Became a Body (and life) Embracer (09/11/17)

Thanks to my lovely fellow flawsomer and blogger Alison Murphy for the invite to guest blog on her page.   Yikes!  My first foray into blogging ever!  My teens and tweenager will cringe!  The reason behind the hijacking of Alison’s page is twofold.  To give you readers a glimpse into my life (how riveting!) and toContinue reading “How a Body Hater Became a Body (and life) Embracer (09/11/17)”

August 23rd Embrace Screening (23/07/17)

This is me and my wonderfully lovely, kind, open-hearted, brave, funny and clever friend Momo who is one of the fabulous friends I’ve been lucky enough to share this year’s adventure of self acceptance and love and body positivity with.  Momo and I worked really hard to bring Embrace to Arklow back in April.  Continue reading “August 23rd Embrace Screening (23/07/17)”