2021 Core Desired Feelings

I arrived at my core desired feelings a while ago, but wanted to sit with them, get to know them and try them on for size before I shared about them.    It’s such a sacred part of my Christmas/New Year process (and sometimes part of my summer!) that I really like to make them mineContinue reading “2021 Core Desired Feelings”

Letting 2020 be…

When the news broke of another lock-down last night my hubby convinced us to get our warm gear on and we went to the beach to howl at the moon and let it all out (yip there were many expletives too!).   It’s been difficult watching my 12 year old and 15 year old struggle againstContinue reading “Letting 2020 be…”

Mental Health In Irish Schools

I’ve posted on social media recently about my oldest daughter’s TY project to run a Mental Health Fair in her Transition Year (4th year) in school this year. Aisling was inspired by two things: 1) our own family struggle with her younger sister’s anxiety and the experience we had with her then school in gettingContinue reading “Mental Health In Irish Schools”

The pain we would live over and over…

Yesterday my friend and soul sister, Jane, had to part with her beloved Husky Boy Maska. Maska was a beautiful bounding bundle of husky fluff and joy. I only met him a handful of times, but was always welcomed for the husky love when I visited and the thing I’ll remember most about him wasContinue reading “The pain we would live over and over…”


A while ago I had the pleasure of taking part in a days training for Nutriri with Tom Fortes Mayer of FreeMind. It was a really expansive, powerful experience that left me wanting more and I was delighted to be able to take up The FreeMind Rapid Change Therapy Training when it came up aContinue reading “FreeMind”