Podcast postponement

I’ve ranted about Melanie Clark Pullen and the connection we have through our work and growing shenanigans/friendship here so many times that I won’t go there again! A while ago we started recording a podcast (Croí) so that folks could join us in our chats about work, love and living a heart centered life. We have both loved doing this.

Recently Melanie had news that her cancer has returned and she has since started treatment and begun adjusting to this change in her life. We spoke last night and while our chats will most definitely continue, for the moment Croí the podcast will be taking a break and returning when/if we both decide it’s time for a comeback.

In the meantime, please join me in holding Melanie in your hearts/wishes/intentions/prayers and sending her your love, light and healing.

Any queries/questions or advice – please contact me as Melanie will be offline.

Much love,


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