Full Moon Reflection

It has been the strangest few weeks for me.  Lots of learning.  Lots of changing how I do things.  Shifts in thought patterns, behaviours and some serious boundary laying (more on that in a separate post to come!).  It’s been challenging and at times unpleasant, but it’s been the right thing.

When I embarked on the FreeMind panoramic I had no idea how very deep the changes would be and I am still surprised daily at the clarity I’m finding regarding situations and feelings that have either perplexed or challenged me to the point of giving up in the past.  With Desire Map currently shifting up gears and training beginning for Heart Centered, it feels like a thousand tiny fragments of an epic picture are slowing coming together.  

The highlight of the week though. Collaborating with Melanie Clark Pullen of www.strutandbellow.com has been the most enriching, loving, fun and insightful thing and on the full moon yesterday we launched our podcast, Croí.   I love to chat with Melanie and we have so much to chat about – always! She’s a super duper multi-talented woman and more than anything I am just beyond grateful to call her my friend, never mind getting to have so much fun working with her! You can listen to the podcast on Anchor and Spotify.

So from the high of creating and launching a podcast to the low of burning down something I loved that had become a source of sadness and pain, and reestablishing lost boundaries, this week I’ve learned a huge lesson:  to be prepared to lose it all in favour of self-love, self-care and self-respect.  It’s a risk worth taking.

Last night we went to the beach, lit a fire, chatted, waited for the moon, howled for the moon, said hello to a seal and then finally the moon appeared on the horizon as a sliver of blood orange to joyous whooping and a mighty selkie welcome. We watched it rise. Burning. Releasing. Embracing the balance that’s left.

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