I’m finding it hard to even be on a screen this morning but I want to capture and share this now now while it’s fresh and before the floaters of an impending migraine get the better of my intentions.

I wrote this poem last week. On Wednesday evening to be precise. I’ve been doing what I always wanted to do with my swims – going first thing in the morning. Sometimes I’m solo but most days I’m lucky to have an equally bonkers Bluetit to swim with! That early morning time is so precious and so loaded with magic that I’m totally hooked.

This piece was eerily timely as I’ve been in another FreeMind training these last four days – Deep Peace to be precise which is all about healing the past and returning to self love, or even more specifically inner child healing. I’m not sure I can describe it with justice. It was an amazing, cathartic, magic and beautifully exhausting four days. It will take a while to adjust to having released a life time of so much that I never needed to carry. I’m not who I was four days ago. I have so much work still to do but FUCK am I glad I’ve got FreeMind skills and the back up of a whole gang of brave and loving souls to get me me through it as well as our always inspirational and fabulous guide Tom Fortes Mayer. I have case studies between me and becoming a FreeMind Therapist so I need to crack on and get sharing this magic! For now though, the emotional hangover is real, even after a beautifully therapeutic swim at 7am in the harbour so today is a time out and this week will have a theme of gently, gently I hope.

I’m feeling so tired, so grateful and so much lighter. May your week be easy, gentle and loving. xxx

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