I free wrote this in my journal last weekend, inspired and motivated by a recurring theme in conversations with my lovely friend and mentor, Helen James. When I sent it to her in a voice message, she said something like, “drop everything and blog it now!”

For so many years now, I’ve been in a constant state of learning, betterment, the next thing, the next thing, the next thing. I’ve been doing a lot of journalling and planning this last while and it’s made me realise something about “getting there” that I’ve often heard people speak about but never really felt myself before. It’s the fact that there is no “there” or that there is no “place of arrival”! The magic holy grail of knowing/enlightenment/happiness/achievement blah, blah, blah…

I’m declaring my own “There” today. It’s called HERE. It’s exactly where I am. Messy sometimes, brilliant sometimes, always learning and open of mind and heart. It’s the best because there’s no where else to be except HERE. I am here was actually my declaration when I posed for my natural state photos over a year ago! I knew then it seems, or part of me did, that the quest for some form of “there” was over.

It’s morning. The house is still. I’m sitting at my kitchen table watching the sun paint the sky and I just want say, “I’m here”. I hope that your here is magic and messy sometimes too and that you get to live today to the fullest. HERE.

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