2021 Core Desired Feelings

I arrived at my core desired feelings a while ago, but wanted to sit with them, get to know them and try them on for size before I shared about them.    It’s such a sacred part of my Christmas/New Year process (and sometimes part of my summer!) that I really like to make them mine before sharing them with anyone else.  Of course, fellow facilitator Mel got a preview as I arrived at them, because… well because she’s just that person! 

Of course, for the full immersive Desire Map experience you should read the The Desire Map book or have a fabulous facilitator take you through the process, but I’m hoping that if you haven’t done either of those things, then this will give you some insight into the magic of how the process works and why it’s so important.  

My Core Desired Feelings for 2020 were Faith, Grace and Light and am I ever glad that these were the rocks that took me through this most challenging year!  I considered keeping them as they have served me so well this past year, but I believe I now have them so ingrained in my day to day and in my thinking, that further expansion and different ways to be needed to be explored.  There are grains of these old feelings in all the new ones, because they are so much a part of my life now.   After much lounging around scribbling and journalling and desire mapping I have arrived at these three core desired feelings for 2021.   Courage, Lucid and Suaimhneas.     I’ve done a little pic for each feeling – with the dictionary definition, my definition, and my touchstone quotes to be remembered.  

There’s an exercise in desire mapping that you do to get to know your CDFs a little better, and how they might express themselves.    You run through things your CDFs would like, adore, do etc.,   You can do this for each feeling, but some of mine this year are:  Courage loves to put her big girl panties on and take action.    Lucid adores when I’m organised.    Suaimhneas feels joy when I go swimming.   Lucid remembers to pause.    Courage wears whatever the fuck she wants to.   Suaimhneas listens to the sounds of nature/mother earth.    It’s a beautiful way to give your core desired feelings character and to see the traits that you want or need to embody yourself.  

Desire Map, Heart Centered membership and Grace for Impact have all been rocks in 2020.  I’ll be leaning into them and on to them even more in 2021 and hoping to bring their magic to even more people too.    I’m happy to discuss how I might be able to take you through the process and tailor a package for you so please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss it if it’s something that calls to you.    

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