Letting 2020 be…

When the news broke of another lock-down last night my hubby convinced us to get our warm gear on and we went to the beach to howl at the moon and let it all out (yip there were many expletives too!).   It’s been difficult watching my 12 year old and 15 year old struggle against the tide of restrictions we are under and parenting them through that.  We’ve banded together and reminded each other constantly that whatever happens our best way through it all is together. So far so good (or so far so managing to hang on as best we can!).  

This year I’m not eager to release myself from the year that was in it.  I’m not anticipating a big letting go of the year or planning a list of new year resolutions I won’t keep.   I feel that 2020 deserves more respect.   Those who lost so much to this year and our front-line workers deserve more respect.   It’s not a relief to let this year go, it’s an achievement to have survived it and I’m glad to have made so much progress in the midst of so much difficulty.   For my wild New Year’s Eve 2020, you will find me home with Spud, the girls and the doggos, dozing and trying hard to stay awake for midnight, glad that we made it and thankful for all the lessons and growth.   

I’ll be digging deep to stay grounded, resilient, calm and peaceful through yet another lock-down and focusing on what really matters – staying safe, minding loved ones and making the most.    From my heart to yours and our home to yours, stay safe, be well and I hope 2021 brings us all some peace, joy and radical compassion.   

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