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What a week!  I’ve been busy – some of it on the QT and some of it too exciting not to shout it from the rooftop which is where I currently am in my mind!  

If you visit this blog regularly, you’ll know I am a Nutriri advocate, supporter and now facilitator.   Nutriri is volunteer run and everyone gives of their time, expertise and passion because we believe in the work we do with Nutriri and it’s value to anyone looking to find food and body ease and acceptance in a compassionate supportive environment.    And that’s what we’ve created! 

I describe Nutriri as my how to – having decided to embrace my body as it is a few years ago, I was left wondering how.   I mean there’s a mindset switch you make when you decide to release the conditioning of a lifetime and accept your body in all it’s fabulous flawsomeness, but there are practicalities and behaviours that take some work and encouragement to really help you shift your soul to a position of loving acceptance and appreciation.  I was still seeking that true transformation when I came across Helen James and Nutriri and found my how to.

If you’re looking for a compassionate, inclusive way to find your own way to peace and ease around food and body image then Nutriri might be for you.  

The course lasts 12 weeks and is entirely easy and enjoyable to take part in.  Every second week there’s a live session with one of our wonderful Nutriri Facilitators to chat through the issues arising for you and to jam on what we can help you with.  Each facilitator comes with their own unique set of skills and lived experience, but we all come with an open heart and mind and a wish to be of service and to help others.   These live sessions end with beautiful hypnotherapy and are a highlight of the course.    Because we’ve structured the courses to launch gradually and over the weeks into new year there’ll be a vast range of Facilitators for people to choose from.   We’ve endeavoured to accommodate as many options as we feasibly can so that the course is available to and resonant with anyone who is interested.  

Of course, there is the practicality of having to fill enough spaces to make this a viable enterprise for everyone concerned, so we are aiming to have a certain number of spaces filled in each cohort in order to launch whilst being open to changing/adapting/relaunching if necessary in order to make this successful and enriching for all.   We love, love, love feedback!   So if there is something you’d like to see, or something you’d like to be different, or that you believe would made it more appealing or accessible for you, then please get in touch and let us know.   

I believe I’ve found my version of food and body peace, together with my own way incorporating the right self-care, practices, rituals, routines and learning to be able to accept the ebb and flow of how I feel about food and how I appreciate what this amazing body of mine has done, does and will do.  It’s an ever-fluctuating thing but Nutriri has taught me acceptance and joy in realising that I am right where I am supposed to be – and that’s true each and every moment!  And it hasn’t just been around food and body ease.  My involvement with Nutriri has taught me so much and helped me to grow and learn as a person in ways I never considered needed my attention.   I feel part of a really special community of entirely accepting and loving group of people.   I feel understood – even on my worst days!   The support and community Nutriri has gifted me is something I can’t even begin to quantify.   And then there’s the introduction to FreeMind and the difference that’s made in my life too (see previous post on FreeMind here.

But now!   Now I get the chance to give back and share that with others and I’m stoked to be a part of something that I believe will change lives and bring much needed kindness, compassion and tenderness to the world.   

I’d love for you to go and check this out.  I’d love to hear what you think – whether or not you think it’s for you! So please do get in touch if you feel you’ve something to contribute that we need to hear.   Of course, if you’re massively impressed, enthusiastic and want to sign up – then fabulous!  

Obviously as volunteers we still have expenses that need to be covered – so we have an affiliate link system that we are hoping will do just that.  My affiliate link is here and will bring you to all our products.   We’re also offering to hold places with a small deposit so you can do that here

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