Mental Health In Irish Schools

I’ve posted on social media recently about my oldest daughter’s TY project to run a Mental Health Fair in her Transition Year (4th year) in school this year. Aisling was inspired by two things: 1) our own family struggle with her younger sister’s anxiety and the experience we had with her then school in getting compassionate support through school for her; 2) her own experience of the lack of sufficient support in secondary schools for anyone in crisis or needing intervention with their mental health. I am working on a blog post about our own experience but I’m finding it difficult to make my way through! It’s cathartic and wonderful as Niamh is now thriving and it’s taught us so much, but it’s one experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone else too.

I’m incredibly grateful to Aisling and Nicki Ringwood for turning this into such a wonderfully positive piece of proactive caring in the form of the Mental Health in Irish Schools project . They’ve been incredibly busy working with pulling together the fair for next month, podcasts for the future and so much more, and I have been busy doing the admin/backroom side of things!

We decided to start a petition to our government for mental health supports in Irish Schools as we believe this to be an important issue that needs attention, highlighting and discussion – not just with students and their parents, but in government also.   So far, only one week in, at time of writing, we are at 479 signatures.  

We would love to build on this and see the issue get more traction and attention and you can help us do that by signing, sharing, engaging in our posts on social media and our website and of course, by getting involved if you wish to  – just get in touch!   Please if you’re sharing add the hashtag #mhiis so we can track the shares and love you up for your support.


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