A while ago I had the pleasure of taking part in a days training for Nutriri with Tom Fortes Mayer of FreeMind. It was a really expansive, powerful experience that left me wanting more and I was delighted to be able to take up The FreeMind Rapid Change Therapy Training when it came up a few months ago. (Thank you Helen James for the gentle nudging – you are epic!).

I have been on this adventure of self-development and self-knowing for these last few years and it’s been a blast, but there were issues and hurts that I knew I wasn’t processing or dissolving that emotionally and physically still felt stuck for me. I had a knot in my chest and throat that was so constant I learned to live with it and enjoyed the times (usually swimming!) when it seemed to disappear a while. I knew deep down, that there were things holding me back, keeping me small, stifling my wish to freely express myself. I’m all about the heart, and living from there, so when it felt heavy, and when I admitted that, it felt like it was holding me back, I knew there was something that I had to do. FreeMind felt like a fit.

Nothing could have prepared me for this beautiful training. It stretched me in ways I hadn’t realised I needed to stretch and I was initially surprised by how challenging I found it to delve into the things that I needed to work on. My resistance was met with loving support and tenderness at each step as we were guided through the FreeMind experience, learning from the inside.

This is powerful stuff. I’ve expanded, healed, dissolved and released so much over this experience. I’ve met the parts of me that needed to be angry, to really dive in and feel the hurt, the loss, the fears and to be acknowledged, thanked and lovingly brought back home into my being. I’ve danced with seven year old me on the shores of Glendalough. I’ve had conversations with the universe about not taking things so fucking personally. I’ve written letters to people long gone and felt their love and life bubble up in my heart.

I’ve realised that we are all one and that in that oneness we are never alone. I will continue to expand, heal, dissolve and release for the rest of my days. I will do my utmost to share and guide others to do the same, because now I have the tools to do so.

The knots I spoke of are gone. They’ve been dissolved and I am left free and confident that I have the skills and ability to help myself back to peace, power and purpose whenever I need to.

A few people have asked me about how I found this training. I’ve replied that my mind, body, heart and soul have been blown wide open. My job now is to keep them that way.

I’ll be working on my case studies this next while so if you’re interested in some hypnotherapy with me I’d love to hear from you! Email me at:

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