My First Nutriri Offering…

Well it’s been a few years coming! In November 2017 I reached out to a woman in the UK named Helen James. She had a vision to co-create a social enterprise providing a compassionate alternative to restriction diet clubs and diet culture. It’s grown into an awesome group of volunteers and has been co-created to a point where we’re now launching our first courses.

When I’m asked to describe what Nutriri has meant to me I always say it gave me my “How to” after the beautiful realisation that I didn’t have to continue to try to change my body to suit someone else’s ideal or indeed my own unrealistic expectations of what it should look like. I stalled, not knowing exactly how to reach this expanded, inclusive, beautiful nourishing vision of body acceptance and food ease. Then I found Nutriri. It’s aptly described as a self-nurture movement and empowers people to help themselves find their own version of what works for them.

The wonderful thing about the launch of these courses is the flexibility we’re aiming for. Courses run for 12 weeks from January 6th, with various (all wonderful!) facilitators offering different times so that it’s easy for anyone to join in where they’re at.

My course begins January 21st. Cost is GBP150 for the 12 weeks, or GBP50 x 3 installments.

Do you want to say yes to discovering your own awesome self-nurture how to?! Sign up at my affiliate link here.

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