Back to the blog… And what I’ve been up to! (I think!)

Someone mentioned they were going to check out my blog the other day. My little heart jumped a bit!

I realised I hadn’t posted since summer, when my days were spent filling my car with sand on trips to Brittas Bay to swim my heart out and to connect with the awesome tribe that has become the Wicklow Bluetits. Gosh I miss those beautiful lazy days spent planning the swim, swimming the swim, chatting and laughing and getting tangled in tight vests and tricky knickers, all the while laughing in the warmth of the sun and each other. We are still swimming. It’s a few times a week. It’s currently at the harbour beach in Wicklow, which is stoney, deep, sheltered and unless there’s particularly stormy weather, calm. It is a great winter alternative swim spot. We do the changing dance at the boots of our car – the same tangled items of clothing and laughter, with the addition of sticky boots/socks, gloves and always, always a drink of something hot in the flask and a quick chat and giggle while we attempt to get warm. But I miss the sand. And the sounds of the waves on the sand. And the feeling of being part of nature while you swim – no noise other than the sea, the birds and the wind. December 1st, Brittas Bay. Me, the sea. It’s a date.

The big news in my world is the awesome and very important work undertaken by daughter in her transition year of school this year. Aisling supported and watched as we all struggled to guide Niamh through a particularly difficult time of anxiety and school refusal over the last few years. Thankfully this is becoming a memory for us now and Aisling’s steadfast interest in making a difference to kids going through this at school has resulted in a massive positive being made from something so painful. Some day, I’ll finish writing the story in full, but for now the newspapers are telling it for us. You can find out more on her new, currently under construction and constant improvement, website here. I’m working on a petition along side this and it will be shared here as well as through the Mental Health in Irish Schools website and socials.

Since the girls returned to school I’ve had a little more time for myself. Honestly I’ve been breathing, taking some time and probably procrastinating more than is healthy! I’ve been feeling the dip of energy that my low thyroid can bring, but am balancing this out with some tlc and the help of my lovely friend Gráinne Flanagan of Ayam Healing.

I’m finally now getting to grips and have made some wonderful connections in the last while. For the last few years I’ve been chatting with Melanie Clark Pullen of Strut and Bellow, who is a fellow Desire Map Facilitator and crazy swim lady. We both shipped in planners in bulk this year and have worked together to shepherd people looking for planners in the UK and Europe to the right person. I think I have a new sister of choice! Mel and I are working on a Heart Centered Circle for those bought planners, which will run for the month of January and also be open (at a small fee) to those who want to learn more about Desire Map, working with Core Desired Feelings and planning your day from your heart centre. For anyone interested, please email us at There’ll be a launch party soon – watch my Instagram for details coming up!

This program has kept me on track, grounded, in touch with my joy and has been instrumental in improving and expanding my resilience this year. It’s been a tricky one – I needed the help! It’s a monthly program with oh so many strands of magic and beacons of hope for your day to day joy. Here’s the list of what’s what you can look forward to.

  • A monthly Perspective to get the heart and the ego on the same page.
  • A meditation + mantra—technologies to heal and expand.
  • Full and New Moon Write + Burn exercises for cleansing our energy bodies. Release emotional suffering, make room for clarity.
  • Members-only Heart to Heart Q+As every other week on Zoom. Pre-submit personal questions (relationships, esoterica, heart centered business… anything!) This community is DEEP. 
  • A practice to support the embodiment of the perspectives.
  • A playlist in sync with each month’s theme. On Spotify and YouTube.
  • Desire Mapping prompts, rituals, poems, recommended oils, and more! Generosity is a Heart Centered favourite
  • .A tree planted on your behalf every month you’re in Heart Centered.

Doors are open today ‘til November 30th. If your heart is feeling the tug… Click here and explore the membership.

Ah I think I’ve saved the best till last! I’m working on my Nutriri training. It’s taking time as I’ve found it difficult to restore some work balance in my life! I’m determined not to rush so I can give the best I have to offer when I do begin to work as a facilitator. Helen James, Nutriri founder and another sister of choice, gently placed an idea in my mind a while back – FreeMind: Inner Child Healing Hypnotherapy. I’ve just completed the first half of this training with an amazing bunch of like minds and wonderful people over four days last week. I’m still processing but I’m so excited to bring this to my guidance offering soon.

So that’s the update on my working life right now and the current projects and passions that have my attention. I’m totally free to facilitate Desire Map journeys and will also soon be available for Nutriri facilitation and weaving these together with FreeMind Hypnotherapy to guide people on their quest for their own path home to their hearts. I’m excited for what’s coming.

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