Desire Map Free Access

I can’t recommend this enough – especially now at this weird time for us all. I’ve been delving deep with the help of Desire Map and it’s been a been beacon of light on some very dark days of late.

Sometimes the heart choice is right there, easy to access. Other days, we’re going to have to breathe deep, and pray, and ask for assurance, and talk ourselves into that higher feeling.

We’re going to flow and falter and learn and love. We’re going to find the sacred and lose touch with it, maybe for long periods of time, and we ARE going to come back to it. I just want us to meet this Earthly life with our holy hearts, you know. Awareness.

Heart-centered living is not all flowy, but it’s all worth it. We do have the power to learn our lessons with more joy and ease. And THAT is real progress.

Your FREE access to The Desire Map Course ends on May 13, 2020. If you’re not in there yet, I hope you join us soon:

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