As You Are

I came to Nutriri through my involvement with Embrace and The Body Image Movement and I’ve been lurking and supporting where possible for the last few years.   What started as a journey into body positivity, turned into an adventure into body and personal acceptance.  Nutriri really represents that adventure for me and the coming together of so many of my own experiences and passions over the last few years.  I love that Nutriri is about much more than just body image. An open hearted, compassionate and accepting will to work with people where they are to improve their relationship with food, exercise, freedom, happiness and more can in my humble opinion, only serve to make the world a better place.

I’m so excited to share that now we get to do some work and spread the word about body acceptance and ending weight stigma in Nutriri’s upcoming online summit, ‘As You Are’.    I’m where I’m at now because of so many amazing people and the work they have chosen to do – Helen James included! 

Sharon Smith, Photographer and I will be speaking about our recent photo shoot, what brought us there and the positives that it brought since for us both. 

I’ll be gifting an online intro session for Desire Map to the summit too as without Desire Map I don’t think I’d be where I am now – doing work like this and loving it!  So what’s the summit about?  Well (in Nutriri’s own words) it’s… 

“More than just another summit!

It’s a fundraising, activism and personal development summit!  Nutriri is a social good organisation working hard to end body/weight stigma and disordered eating, we need YOU to be the one that knows how to change the conversation in your family and friendship circles.

For MOST of us – weight and health judgements are causing more harm to individuals than weight itself.  We’ve known FOREVER that restrictive eating doesn’t sustain health and when we’re constantly pursuing thinness, our mental health suffers.

You don’t need to change – the conversation does!”  

So come join the conversation and be part of the change. 

You can see the line up here:

If you’d like to sign up please follow my affiliate link here:

If you’d like to know more about how Nutriri works:

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