June already?!

I’ve been so caught up in my own little bubble this year that it is only now, with summer looming and the pressure easing, that I am finally coming back to the projects that I took January and February off work to concentrate on. Things changed. It got messy, then really tough, then heart-breaking, shattering and mucky. I walked around with my heart and soul on my outside for the first part of this year and I couldn’t even begin to think of work, or new things, or diving into the dream stuff! The challenge continues but with more breathing space and less pressure and I’m looking forward to melting into a summer of softly working to bring all the good stuff to life while I spend some time with the family.

May has come and gone and I’ve survived my first ever birthday without my birthday buddy (my Mum) by my side. We swam at dawn, scattered her ashes, and marked the day with the reverence and glee she brought to every single birthday she ever touched. It sucked to feel the emptiness of missing her on this day. I don’t guess that it ever won’t but I’m getting used to filling it up with good living and family time that she’d no doubt approve of.

I’m back getting ready to facilitate workshops but now with the added bonus and work to do for facilitating Fire Starter Sessions also (thanks to the generosity of the force that is Danielle LaPorte!). I’ve begun one to one sessions and I love this work so much it lights me up. It needs to be top of my list for 2019. There will be an introductory session or sessions coming up this summer. Contact me if you’re interested or looking for further info!

For those new to the concept, Desire Mapping is a heart-centered approach to creating a life you love using your core desired feelings (how you want to feel) as your guiding light and daily focus. It has changed my life.

Intro sessions are a beautiful sneak peak into how the workshops work and the insights and truths you can discover within your self. No right or wrong, just the heart of the matter.

I’ve started the new Desire Map Course online and wow it has been everything and more than I expected.  It is stunningly heart-centred, beautifully inspirational, soft, creative and illuminating.  I have the stirrings of new core desired feelings coming…  Does “fucking awesome” count as a CDF I wonder?  More on that later… 

My other 2019 project is working with Nutriri to help in any way I can.  Founder Helen James is building this social enterprise with her fantastic vision and love of open collaboration and inclusivity.  Nutriri aims to provide people with the means to improve, from the inside out, their relationship with their bodies and food, help them find food ease and discover nourishing self-care choices.  I’ve moved through my own body image journey over the last few years and it’s turned into something much broader and holistic than just body image.  My Dad would be delighted.  It’s all about the journey inward towards the soul after all, as he liked to say.   (He’s somewhere now nodding his head saying, “I told you so little one”. ) 

I believe Nutriri embodies this all-encompassing bigger picture and more.  Nutriri will be hosting its first online seminar later this year and I’ve volunteered do something Desire Map for it too – out of the comfort zone I go!  Bring it on.    

There’s been much this year that I hadn’t expected or wanted but it has gifted me insight and growth! It’s reminded me who of I am, of the strength I didn’t know I had and the priorities and values I hold dearest. I’m considering it all a nudge from Peggy to step into my power and my life with vigour and vibrancy. I’m studying again; doing my own mid year desire mapping, planning my first workshops and looking forward to standing in resilience and joy for whatever else may come. I hope you’ll join me for some of it!

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