Silver Sparkly Lining (13/01/18)

Sick week.  Sinus infection and the lowest mood in a long time.  Lots of TLC with TED and Lola who are rest and relaxation experts.  The upside?!  Books to read!

This one especially.  Opened it on twenty-two (number of my childhood home) and it blew my mind.  If you like raw, candid pain transformed to beauty in words and wrapped up in stardust and magic then this is for you.  Tanya writes straight from her heart and soul and this book touches mine to the core. It’s deeply personal, wonderfully nourishing and ultimately empowering.  It brings me back home to myself,  creativity, nature, strength and heart-filled living.  Simply put, it’s just a sparkly beautiful gem of thing.

I do believe this book will be well travelled and dog eared in no time.  As it should be.

You can acquire this gem on Amazon here The She Book and experience more of Thug Unicorn/Tanya Markul’s magic on her website Thug Unicorn with links to all her social media accounts too.

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