Punishment (05/10/18)

I took the most beautiful autumn stroll the other day with one of the dogs I walk.  It was sunny, warm, the leaves are really starting to turn.  I listened to the wind in the rushes and the trees a while then donned my headphones for some LaPorte wisdom as I was in need of some soulful bringing back to me!  If you’ve seen me and I’m smiling and you’re wondering why, I’ve likely been listening to this stuff and shouting my aha moments out loud.  And yes, sometimes my doggy clients do stop to join in the celebration! 

This really stood out the other day.  I’ve been a master of self-punishment in the past and still have to reign in the less than loving self-talk on a regular basis.  I think we all do it.  I know it’s the bedrock of self-deprecation that sees many people looking outside of themselves for the fix in their lives.  Slimming clubs rely on it to sell you some shaming once a week and the media rely on it to sell you more ways and products to make yourself other than you are. 

I couldn’t agree more with this – reward yourself every day.  Just for being here, living, doing all you do.  Look inward – like my old Dad used to say – towards your soul.  You are all you are looking for. 
Happy Friday! xxx Alison

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