Nutriri/Voom (08/05/18)

When I came across Helen James and Nutriri I was really excited at the prospect of body positive, supportive, self care groups to help people wanting to embrace positive change in their lives.  Helen’s no-nonsense approach, honesty and open attitude in setting up and running social enterprise Nutriri is innovative, refreshing and exciting. 

Her aim to have a Nutriri group up and running everywhere there is a restriction diet club is mind-blowingly positive and I’m really honoured to be even a tiny part of something so special.  It’s my dream to train with Nutriri and get a local group up and running as soon as I can.  Currently Nutriri are seeking votes on Voom – a chance to put Nutriri in front of Richard Branson and give Nutriri the support and funding required to get a training academy up and running.  PLEASE head over to the Voom site and give Nutriri your support by voting.  It will only take a moment and you will be helping edge Nutriri ever closer to being in your town soon and providing the support, nurturing and positivity every body deserves.

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