My Body is Great! (29/09/17)

I get a fabulous email every second week from Michaela at Body Image Movement – full of news, inspiration and magic for us as ambassadors.  This week’s had a link to this news piece from included and I think it’s really worth a look.  My Body is great because…

I love Instagram mostly for the lovely pictures friends and the people I follow post.  I am pretty picky about the accounts I follow and keep it positive as possible.  I do my best to keep my own account varied and true to life as well as positive.  At the same time though, I can totally see how it is all about image and images – and how we need to fight back at filters and photo shopping and say enough already.

I love that this encourages us to see our own bodies and others in such a positive way.  I’m going to do a post a day on my instagram account for a week dedicated to “My body is great because…”  I hope you’ll join me over on my insta!  and help me celebrate all the reasons why our bodies are so great!

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