Kicking off 2019!

Dear Bloggity-blog.  I am taking a little time at the moment to concentrate on some projects that need my attention and love and immersing myself in them as well as some much needed family time – which is what most of the last week seems to have been.  The projects are Nutriri and my new job as a Desire Map Facilitator.  They are both a joy to work on but there is a lot to do too!

I’ve just begun training with Nutriri with the aim of becoming a group leader providing a compassionate alternative to restriction diet clubs.  I can’t wait to be part of the plan to help members find moderation through mindful eating and self-compassion to find food & body ease.  I can always use more of this myself so I’m currently taking part in the 5 Weeks to Body Love online coaching.  Week one coaching was yesterday.  It was eye opening, inspirational and great to connect with like minds under the ever lovely, loving, supportive and amazing Helen James!  I think it is something incredibly special and I’m feeling very honoured to be part of it. 

I signed up a month ago as a Desire Map Facilitator.  The content is quite simply amazing and I think it will enable me to facilitate truly magic moments in the workshops/events to come.  I already know the resilience desire mapping brought to my life in 2018 and I am so excited to bring it to others in a way I hope will empower them to feel how they want to feel.  These workshops will be for women seeking inner reflection, joy, self-love, nourishment and clarity to realise their core desired feelings and to use them as the basis for a more holistic, heart-centred life.   It means a lot to me to be able to do this and I’m really hoping to infuse it with the joy and strength this process has given me in what was a very difficult year.

At the moment I’m still immersing myself in the content but beginning to flesh out some ideas about how I want to make it happen.  I’m going to start small with my first event and work my way up to (I hope!) bigger numbers.  At this moment in time I’m not ruling out any options, so this may happen virtually or in person here in Wicklow or elsewhere (If you want to fly me somewhere exotic and warm that’d be a bonus!)  It can also happen in groups or one to one sessions.  If you would be interested in taking part in a small group for my first workshop, then please visit my website and register your interest here and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I have date, venue and price fixed. 

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