I’m a BIMGA! (17/04/17)

If you read my blog or Facebook or better still know me in the real world, you’ll know that this is a movement that means a lot to me.  I saw the film Embrace in January with my eldest daughter Aisling (11) and there and then a journey to acceptance, love and compassion in a deeper sense not just for the self but for everyone else began.  It felt like something I’d always known had finally been said out loud and I do believe I left the cinema in Dublin that night feeling relieved, comforted and really sure that this was something life changing.  (This is where emotional me starts getting a bit joy-teary!).  Aisling loved the movie and was utterly stoked (as was I) to meet Taryn too.

At the beginning of April my dear friend Momo and I hosted a screening of Embrace in Arklow (our nearest cinema here in Wicklow) and for a time we thought we wouldn’t even manage to make the threshold.  We did it though (and then some!) and had roughly 100 people come to see Embrace.  The response was pretty overwhelming and all positive.  It was amazing, uplifting and very moving to see the difference the film made to others and a privilege to hear the stories and experiences that lead them there.  Think I can safely say Momo and I felt very humbled and honoured to have made it happen.  The folks at Demand Film are currently checking out a new screening for me too – so watch this space!

I am still on my own journey.  I have had a bit of a struggle to really feel the joy the last week or so.  I realised from it and from the fabulously flawsome support of good friends that when I’m not totally feeling the self-love, I can shift my perspective to acceptance of all that I am, show myself some compassion and practice some seriously rigid self-care.  It took me right back to basics and that tiny step I needed to bridge that gap and arrive back into my space to embrace again.   I have to say now that I’ve woken up I can’t go back!  I am acutely aware of not just my own self but the image and the role model I provide for my little girls in what I do.   What if we could change the way kids see themselves BEFORE they reach their teens?  Aisling is already there at 11 and I really hope to have Niamh be the same!  Education is key and I am excited and hopeful to be part of bringing this message to schools.

I am learning so much since I saw Embrace.  I know I don’t know it all but I really hope that my journey relayed with honesty through the joy and the wobbles can help others and spread the positivity, joy, happiness and freedom that comes from embracing your body, yourself and your life and others just as you/they are.

Taryn, Brooke and all at BIM – thanks for having me!

Body Image Movement

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