Embracing (23/01/17)

Aisling and I went along to the first screening of this feature length documentary last night.  We had wonderful chats on the way home (Luas, train, dart and car!) about the impact and our favourite parts and how we can go about making our own ways to embrace ourselves as we are and to promote more positivity around body image at home.  I laid awake last night thinking about it all and excited to have made that tiny shift in my thinking.  I’m looking forward to embracing my life in a bigger better way – not just my body – and teaching these magic little women of mine to define who they are for themselves!   Check out the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__2AayArYfs&feature=youtu.be and visit the website for more info http://www.bodyimagemovement.com.

Mother Daughter Night
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