Embraced Again! (13/09/17)

Well we did it again!  With the help of the tribe at Fabulously Flawsome and social media we managed to get enough people together for another screening of Embrace in Arklow.   It has taken me this long to a) recover and rest and b) get the kiddos back to school reasonably smoothly so apologies for the late posting of any sort of personal account of the event.

It was a pretty busy and really enjoyable day.  I met Catherine early to give her the photos we had printed from our beach shoot.  We wanted to line up with these in the cinema and she very kindly made a trip to get mounting for them.  Thank you Catherine Van Dijk – you are one in a million!    I also had to message Taryn and print off her letter for our audience that night and get finishing my speech.
Myself and my friend Geraldine had planned to get together before hand as it had been a while – and she very nicely spent some of that time curling my hair too!  We had coffee and chatted – mostly about the screening, how we needed to get back to work on our body image workshop and of course the usual yummy round of coffee.  ❤

Then we headed off nice and early to meet up before hand at a coffee shop as we needed to mount the photos and thought it would be nice to get together.

When we got there we lined up inside the cinema and I gave my speech before the film started.  I have never spoken in public before – it shows  I know but I gave it my best shot and I am really proud that I got up there and said what I wanted to say and next time I’ll do it even better! I do believe I even got a little emotional near the end which is unsurprising given the content and how much it matters.  It more than helped that these amazing women stood with me (and more who were there in spirit!). 

Thanks again body believers! You are seriously ****ing perfect!  I can’t upload video but here’s the link to my Facebook upload of Alison’s first ever speech!

After the film I think we were outside for at least an hour.  We had a wonderfully magic evening with lots of new people embracing and lots wanting to either see it go into schools or have a go at screening themselves, or both.   Here’s our gallery from the evening Fabulously Flawsome August Screening Blogpost.

I came home exhausted, buzzing and utterly spent but had a T-boy waiting for some of his own embracing! I duly obliged of course.  ❤

I felt hungover the next day even though I hadn’t had a drink – is there such a thing as an emotional hangover?!  I was tired but oh so happy and full of plans.

I spent the next day or two putting together thoughts and ideas about how to move forward for the group at Fabulously Flawsome and have been pondering my own stuff too!  I’ve done a good few updates on our website and we’ll be meeting soon to see what everyone wants to do next!  For me, I’ll be mostly concentrating on getting back to work after the summer off, and getting together a workshop and approaches for the schools and coming up with new ways to get people embracing!

The Body Image Movement are looking to sell 2,000 licences in the UK to fund the roll out of the Study Guide (free) into all UK schools.  As part of that project, they are looking to sell 20 of those in Ireland so if you’re up for a screening which you can host  how, where and whenever you like, please check out The Union Project or email bec@bodyimagemovement.com.    I can’t recommend becoming a host enough – it is a challenge and hard work.  It is also more rewarding than words can say and seeing others receive the gift of finally loving themselves as they are now is incredibly humbling and moving.  Becoming an Embrace host will show you the magic that this movie makes in people’s lives and no doubt do the same in yours – go for it!

If you would like to know more or get involved at a local level with Fabulously Flawsome please visit the Website, Facebook Page or join our group Fabulously Flawsome Closed Group.

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