So I signed up and I’m all set to spend some serious time going through my materials and planning out my first event.  I’ve spoken to a few friends this week who were like, “Congratulations, it’s fabulous!  Now, what is it?”   

​​I posted last week about how I came to this point and my adventure with Desire Mapping and how excited I am to do this work and spread this joy.   In my excitement and enthusiasm I forgot to explain more clearly!  As a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator, I’m able to guide you through the process of discovering your Core Desired Feelings so you can use them to create more meaningful goals and a more fulfilling life.  And it’s an amazing process.  I know because  did it last year and am currently joyfully working my way through my own core desired feelings for 2019.  So when/where for my first event?  I’m working on it and will post as soon as I have any details! If you’d like to be included please do let me know. 

Here’s the lovely Danielle LaPorte with an audio sneak peak if you’d like to know more.

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