Day 7 – It’s all Good! (06/10/17)

Well I pledged to do a week of my body is great because posts on Instagram.  (If you want to know what inspired this – it was a little picture from Michaela at BIM.  Your emails always spark some inspo babe!)  It’s been a blast.  I think I’ll have to come up with a new one for next month!

Today I wanted to blog about something that ties in with my day 7 post and give you some of the personal experience behind it!  Please don’t mistake this for wanting reassurance or likes or attention – I just hope that these posts and pics might inspire or help someone else.

SO!  My body is great because after years of abuse, neglect and selective hearing I am finally listening and it is all good.

Just over two months ago I embarked on a mission to tune in to my body, to start listening and understanding the messages it sends me, to help me to help myself and to spend some serious time and love on getting better, healthier, happier and (fingers crossed at the time!) as medication free as I could be.

This was no easy task when the thing that prompted me to take this route was the fact that I have hypothyroidism,  the symptoms of which doctor told me were perfectly treatable with levothyroxine – a synthetic T4 hormone to replace the one my poor little thyroid was lacking.    After a year and half of this treatment I found myself  not feeling any better.  In fact, before I decided myself to stop the medication I was feeling rotten and strongly suspect that perhaps I’d tipped over into hyper – having too much of said T4 hormone!  Anyway during a very candid conversation with my GP I was informed that I could either suffer the side effects I was experiencing with the medication and not have any hypothyroid symptoms, or drop the medication and learn to live with the symptoms when they returned.  I’ll be honest here and say I was totally gutted and very upset to think they were my only options.  My journey to diagnosis was a long one over many years of symptoms which never seemed to indicate that my thyroid should be checked.  I’ve been in the depths of depression and found it hard to fight my way back out.  I’ve been on antidepressants that didn’t work and wondered what on earth was wrong with me when talking didn’t work either! I’ve had days when it took all the strength I didn’t have just to get out of bed, and copious amounts of coffee and mind over matter to stay functioning all day.  My energy packed it’s bags and left on a pretty regular basis.  Quite often it took my joy with it.   There were a string of smaller issues that I have since found can be tied to hypothyroidism too.  I couldn’t seriously contemplate setting myself up for a return to that but I also couldn’t conceive of continuing to take a medication that not only wasn’t working but making me feel like shit.  Everything pointed to having to find another way.

So what’s a girl to do? I think I spent a day or two in a total funk unable to find my way out or come up with a plan.  This year there has been a massive shift in attitude one for me and choosing joy became my mantra for living.  To be so at odds with a body I do love seemed wrong and I needed a way out of this that would help me to help myself in as supportive, sensible and loving a way as I could possibly find.  I remembered a clarity call I had had early this year with Aisling Fitzgibbon which had hugely helped me but which I guess I was just not ready for at the time for a few reasons.  Aisling’s an occupational therapist and holistic nutrition coach – but don’t let that fool you as she is so much more than that!  Her philosophy to empower her clients by giving them the tools from within that they need to live happy, fulfilled, healthy lives with ease and joy sounded like it was too good to be true!  Thankfully it’s not.  I am so glad that I went back to her and that with her guidance I have returned to feeling  like my old self but with improvements.  I’ve worked on so much personal stuff that I had envisaged would be torturous and hard – but it has been joyous and liberating with the few tears I did shed being ones of relief and release.  I have let so much unneeded baggage and energy go that I feel lighter and better and so much more energised.  I won’t get into the details of it (yet!) but I can’t express in words how very grateful I am to be med free and well and happy.   I still have some way to go but am so glad that I made it this far.  There is no turning back.

I know my body, mind and soul are great, because I have finally reconnected with them and they’re being listened to and cherished and supported.   I know we are not just our bodies but they are our vehicles in this life and we are one with them and so we need to treat them with the loving care and respect we extend to everyone we love.   Mine has responded with joy to being slowly and gently loved back to health and I’m really feeling the influence of all the good that’s come flooding into my life this year.  Onwards and upwards with sparkles on!  xxx

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