August 23rd Embrace Screening (23/07/17)

Ali & Momo

This is me and my wonderfully lovely, kind, open-hearted, brave, funny and clever friend Momo who is one of the fabulous friends I’ve been lucky enough to share this year’s adventure of self acceptance and love and body positivity with.  Momo and I worked really hard to bring Embrace to Arklow back in April.   From this screening was born a  group of inspirational and inspired people we have come to call “Fabulously Flawsome” who are keen to promote embracing via positive, fun events and online support.  12 of us did a photo shoot last month for fun mostly, but also as an exercise in embracing our bodies and to promote body acceptance, diversity and love and of course, Embrace!  Momo was the person who found our fabulous photographer, Ian Carruthers and convinced him to do the shoot for us.  It was a magic day that marked a turning point for me, and I’m sure for many others and sharing those photos to encourage others is a really important step on the path for us all as well as an incredibly bold and brave move for each and every one of us.

You’re about to see those photos and hopefully hear those stories in the coming weeks via our facebook page, posters and website to promote our second screening on August 23rd at 6:30pm at Arklow Omniplex.   For now – you get Momo and I on the beach embracing who we are now and loving every moment of this one precious life!

Watch these spaces!  And please share our event to help us secure the screening.  We hope to see lots of people there on the day.  xxx

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