Anyone for a Dip? (29/12/17)

Every year in early June a group of women meet to go skinny dipping at a secluded beach in Wicklow.  In 2018 they are hoping to smash the World Record for the world’s largest skinny dip.  It promises to be an amazing event for all who take part and one which will you will definitely be glad you took part in.

Organiser Deirdre Featherstone says she decided to organise the first dip around two days after her mastectomy.  “I felt so crappy and I wanted some good to come of this.  I didn’t want a “normal” fundraiser I wanted something fun and then all of a sudden a skinny dip came into my head and cheered me right up.    One night I set up a FB event and basically blackmailed friends into coming with me… I said I am bald and only one boob so you can too…. so they did.   First year was around 65, next around 89, then 90, then 200 and next year hopefully around 1.5k.”

Deirdre chose Aoibheanns Pink Tie as the charity the event fundraises for.  “The reason I chose Aoibheanns Pink Tie is that it’s a woman’s event.  We are all either mammies, aunties, friends with kids etc. and Childhood Cancer gets very little funding as opposed to Breast Cancer.”  You can find out more about Ireland’s National Children’s Cancer Charity Aoibheanns Pink Tie here.  Further details on fundraising and FAQs are available here.

The ladies at Fabulously Flawsome know the magic that happened the day of our photoshoot – there was something special from us all being there together and it’ll stay with me always.  I really hope we’ll have a bunch of us together for this event too (currently there are three of us!).  Asked about her favourite thing to come from the swim, Deirdre says, “The best thing for me without a doubt is the camaraderie among the woman, the laugh we have, the unity and people who really didn’t want to do it and were pushing their boundaries coming prancing up the beach in the nip with not a care in the world.”

So what if you’re on the fence?  Shy?  Unsure?  “I would honestly say for anyone who feels a little shy about doing it and feel they do not have the courage:  there are many women at it who have lost breasts, there is a woman who has lost an arm, there are woman from a size 4 to a size 24 and NOBODY cares one bit – it’s all about us and having fun and inspiring others.”

The swim takes place on June 9th and you will need to register here for the event and pay a registration fee of €10.   It takes just a few moments. 

There is a Facebook page for the event here and you can head to the website.

So ladies, get ready to get your kit off and make a splash in June.  It promises to be an uplifting event that will be one to remember and perhaps even revisit in the years to come.  Will 2018 be the year  you cast off your shackles, fears and clothes to go skinny dip and break some records?!  See you there.  xxx

Many thanks to Deirdre for her time in answering my questions.

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